Selaković with the mayor of the Tunisian town of Menzel Bourguiba

21. Jul 2022.
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Nikola Selaković spoke with the Mayor of the Tunisian town of Menzel Bourguiba today.

After expressing his satisfaction with the signing of the Twinning Agreement between Bajina Bašta and Menzel Bourguiba, Selaković pointed out that the bilateral cooperation between our two countries was very good, and that the relations between Serbia and Tunisia were friendly and sincere.

The Head of Serbian diplomacy conveyed his expectation to the guest that the two countries would continue to improve their cooperation and further intensify political dialogue in the year when we are celebrating 65 years of diplomatic relations.

The minister informed the interlocutor about the results of the reforms in Serbia and the potential for improving the cooperation between our two countries across all levels by adding that, in this sense, the expected visit of Head of Diplomacy of Tunisia Othman Jerandi would be of great importance.

The town of Menzel Bourguiba is located in the far north of Tunisia in the region of Bizerte, and as such it is of great importance for our people because of a Serbian military cemetery in the area, where 1,790 of our soldiers were buried in the First World War, which makes it the largest Serbian cemetery in the north of Africa.

Among the soldiers buried in Menzel Burgiba were members of the Drina Division, "Stefan Nemanja" Fourth Infantry Regiment headquartered in Užice, which included soldiers from the entire Zlatibor district, as well as those from Bajina Bašta.

Minister Selaković extended his gratitude to the Mayor of Menzel Bourguiba for the care provided by the state of Tunisia and Tunisian people for preserving Serbian memorials, as well as for nurturing the memory of Serbian soldiers who died in the First World War.