Transport of human remains


Issuance of a Docket

For the transfer of human remains to Serbia, it is necessary to obtain a relevant document of the Republic of Serbia called a docket. A request for the issuance of this document should be submitted to the diplomatic mission or the consulate general of the Republic of Serbia in the jurisdiction of the last place of residence of the decedent.

For the issuance of a docket, original copies of the following documents are required:

  1. Passport of the deceased person.
  2. Request by a family member of the deceased person or a funeral service authorized for the transport of human remains stating, beside other things, the venue of the funeral and the transport route to the funeral venue.
  3. Death Certificate issued by the relevant authority of the receiving state.
  4. Medical report on the cause of death.
  5. A docket or a permit to transport the mortal remains from abroad, issued by the relevant authority of the receiving state (e.g. "Leichenpass" in Germany and Austria).
  6. A letter stating that a grave site is procured in the Republic of Serbia, if the deceased is a foreign national.
  7. In case death is caused by the plague or small pox, docket is issued following the approval of the Serbian Health Ministry. The approval is obtained through the diplomatic or consular mission of the Republic of Serbia.

If funeral is to take place in a third country and the remains are transported via Serbian territory, it is necessary to have a transit docket. In order to be able to issue a transit docket, all the above documents should be submitted, along with a docket of the state of burial.

A docket is also required in order to transport an urn. In this case all the above documents including cremation certificate, are submitted.