Very good and stable relations between Serbia and the Holy See

30. Jun 2022.
The Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Lućan Surijani, paid a farewell visit to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, Nikola Selaković.

After expressing satisfaction with the very good and stable relations between Serbia and the Holy See, Selaković pointed out that our country was clearly determined to cherish and improve such relations, putting a special emphasis on maintaining regular political dialogue at all levels.

The minister thanked the principled position of the Holy See regarding the non-recognition of the so-called "Kosovo", and on this occasion, he informed the interlocutor about the situation on the ground and the state of dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, reiterating our commitment to dialogue in order to resolve open issues and achieve a sustainable solution.

In addition, the minister expressed his sincere gratitude to the Holy See and Pope Francis for supporting the European integration of Serbia and the countries of the Western Balkans, especially for advocating for a faster process of admission to the EU and encouraging member states to help and support that process.

The head of the Serbian diplomacy emphasised Serbia's commitment to harmonious regional relations, expressing his belief that the "Open Balkans" initiative would bring more and more results and benefits to the participating countries in the future.

Selaković thanked Surijani for his successful mandate, wishing him much success in his next discharge of duty - apostolic nuncio in Bulgaria and North Macedonia.