Serbia is committed to stronger cooperation with Colombia

06. Aug 2022.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Selaković met today in Bogota with the newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia Alvaro Leyva Duran.

Minister Selaković stated that Serbia was clearly committed to an even fuller development of the overall relations and cooperation with Colombia.

Noting that there has been eleven years since the latest visit of a Serbian Minister to Colombia, Minister Selaković highlighted the need to intensify political dialogue, and thus, more frequently hold meetings between officials of the two countries. 

In addition, he stated political consultations of the two Ministries of Foreign Affairs would be an excellent opportunity to discuss opportunities and consider potentials for an improvement of bilateral cooperation.

Minister Selaković emphasised that there were considerable potentials for cooperation in many fields, particularly in agriculture, food industry, mining, as well as tourism, education, culture and sport.

He informed Minister Leyva Duran on the current situation on Kosovo and Metohija and efforts to find a compromise solution to this issue, which is of key importance for our country, and highlighted that Serbia was committed to peace and stability in the region.

Tomorrow, Minister Selaković will, in the capacity of the Special Representative to the President of Serbia, attend the inauguration ceremony of the new President of Colombia Gustavo Francisco Petro Urrego. During his visit to Bogota, Minister Selaković will also have several bilateral meetings with representatives of Latin American and Caribbean countries.