Selaković attended the inauguration of the new President of Colombia

08. Aug 2022.
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Nikola Selaković, in the capacity of the Special Representative to the President of Serbia, attended the inauguration ceremony of the new President of Colombia Gustavo Francisco Petro Urrego.

Minister Selaković conveyed personal congratulatory messages of President Vučić to the new President of Colombia. In the words of Minister Selaković, President Urrego expressed his wish to meet the President of Serbia as soon as possible.

Minister Selaković highlighted the very productive conversation he had had the previous day with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia Alvaro Leyva Duran.

Minister Selaković stated that Colombia was the fourth biggest Latin American country both in terms of the number of inhabitants and the economic parameters, and that it was a country with which Serbia could develop many potential forms of overall cooperation.

Minister Selaković emphasised that the inauguration was one of the most attended events in that part of the world, with attendees including the Presidents of Paraguay, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Ministers of Foreign Affairs of other Latin American and Caribbean countries.
He emphasised that this was an opportunity to talk to several Ministers of Foreign Affairs and other senior officials of Latin American countries in the margins of the ceremony.

“My visit to Bogota and the inauguration of the President of Colombia were an opportunity to both affirm Serbia’s position on the matter which is of utmost national and political importance for us, the matter of Kosovo and Metohija, with those who support us, and to state our arguments to those who have recognised its independence, and express our willingness to develop cooperation in all other fields”, said Minister Selaković.

Minister Selaković talked this morning with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay Julio César Arriola.

“Paraguay supports Serbia in the matter of the preservation of its territorial integrity and sovereignty and has been consistently cooperating with us in international organisations”, highlighted Minister Selaković.
In the words of Minister Selaković, there is a lot of potential for cooperation between Serbia and Paraguay, and the two countries are commemorating 140 years of establishing diplomatic relations. Thus, he invited Minister Arriola to visit Serbia.

During his time in Bogota, Minister Selaković also had a meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil Carlos Alberto Franco França.
“Brazil is our most important partner in Latin America, with the largest trade of all the countries in this part of the world. We have agreed to exchange visits by economic delegations, and initiate regular political consultations of the two Ministries of Foreign Affairs”, said Minister Selaković.

He particularly emphasised the fact that Brazil was a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, and that it was a firm supporter of Serbia’s positions in the sessions on the work of UNMIK.

One of the officials that Minister Selaković talked to was Vice President of the Republic of El Salvador Félix Ulloa. In a meaningful conversation, Minister Selaković asked Vice President Ulloa to consider Serbian positions in the matter of Kosovo and Metohija.

This is a country very interested to develop cooperation with Serbia in the fields of safety, sport and agriculture, highlighted Minister Selaković and expressed his wish to visit Serbia as soon as possible.

In the next two days, Minister Selaković will be in an official visit to Costa Rica, where he will meet with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and numerous other officials of that country. After leaving Costa Rica, Minister Selaković will end his visit to Latin American countries in Venezuela.