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Moscow: “Kosovo – A Moment in Civilization” Film Premiere
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alt"Kosovo – A Moment in Civilization", a documentary directed by Boris Malagurski, had its first screening at the Rossiya Segodnya's international multimedia press centre. The documentary centres on the fate of the cultural heritage in Kosovo and Metohija.

Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Moscow Slavenko Terzic, author of the film Boris Malagurski, President of the International Humanitarian Fund for the Preservation of Christian Holy Sites in Kosovo and Metohija "Saint Sabbas the Sanctified" Aleksandr Torshin, President of the International Fund for the Unity of Orthodox Christian Peoples Valery Alekseyev and Professor at the Moscow State Institute for International Relations Jelena Ponomaryova all took part in the discussion that followed the screening.

Participants of the discussion agreed that the documentary represented an important testimony about the ruination of Christian Orthodox heritage in Kosovo and Metohija. Ambassador Slavenko Terzic assessed that the film showed the essence and the source of Serbia's spiritual and cultural identity, and the dramatic events experienced by the Serbian people. The Ambassador also addressed the historical context of the bicentennial suffering of the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija, saying that it was incumbent upon us all to have the world learn about the systematic destruction of the Serbian heritage in Kosovo and Metohija, and to prevent the perishing of the Serbian, European and Christian cultural heritage.

Director Boris Malagurski spoke about the driving force behind the filming of the documentary about Kosovo and Metohija – the centuries-long arduous life of Serbs in the Province, vandalizing of their historical symbols and the ongoing aggression.

Professor Ponomaryova underlined that it was impossible to draw a line between the destruction of cultural heritage in Kosovo and Metohija and global politics, for the demolition of monuments of historical and cultural importance was an attempt at deliberately crushing the spirit of a nation. Professor Ponomaryova concluded that, despite the difficulties, we had to protect the monuments synonymous with culture and identity, for as long as they existed, there would be hope that the people would return to their ancestral homes.