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Bilateral Issues with Foreign Countries

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Governmental system: Republic
Head of State: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani
Prime Minister: Abdulah Abdulah
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Salahuddin Rabbani
Date of establishing diplomatic relations: 1954

Political relations:

Political dialogue between R. Serbia and Afghanistan has not been developed. Deputy Foreign Minister of Afghanistan J. Ludin participated at the Additional Commemorative Ministerial Meeting of NAM in Belgrade, in September 2011. Then MFA V.Jeremic met with MFA Z. Rassoul, at the Ministerial Meeting of NAM in Egypt, in May 2012. MFA I. Mrkic met with Deputy Foreign Minister of Afghanistan J. Ludin on 29 April 2013, on the fringes of the 7th MC of the Community of Democracies in Ulaanbaatar.

Economic relations:

In 2017, exports from the RS amounted to EUR 36,2 million, and imports from Afghanistan to EUR 10.000.

Bilateral agreements