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World Politics, Trend & Transformation
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Светска политика, Тренд и Трансформација

World Politics, Trend & Transformation by Charles W. Kegley, Jr., and Eugene R. Wittkopf

“The book is a textbook that many generations of undergraduates in the United States and other countries used in the last two decades to gain their first knowledge about the theory and practice of international relations, evolution of international affairs, law and economy, as well as about the role played by the U.S. at a time marked by the phenomnon of globalization. ... By releasing World Politics by Professors Kegley and Wittkopf and the book The Soldier and the State by Samuel Huntington in the diplomatic edition series initiated in 2004, the publisher wished to help tuition and studies of this discipline by academics and students alike, but also to encourage new research in this field”.

Prof. Dr. Predrag Simic (from the Foreword to this edition)