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Washington: Presentation of Serbia at the Smithsonian
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aktivnosti Vasington_nov2016On 16 November 2016, the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Washington D.C. organized an evening program presenting overview of Serbia within the Smithsonian Associates' educational program.

The event titled "Serbia: A Cultural Confluence" was held at the central building of the Smithsonian and included two segments: an interactive lecture by novelist Vladimir Pistalo and art exhibition showcasing costume drawings, as well as a collection of glass jewelry by Milanka Berberovic, a renowned Serbian costume designer and former Dean of Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. The event was formally opened by the Smithsonian's B. Blachere, while Deputy Ambassador Vladimir Jovicic addressed the audience on behalf of the Serbian Embassy. The cultural event was well-received, attracting numerous audiences from both Serbian diaspora and the U.S. public. The main hosts were joined by numerous esteemed guests, representatives of the Department of State and other federal institutions.
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