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Indiana University: Roundtable on the Great War
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Okrugli stoRoundtable on the First World War, titled "An unsolved Business: The Legacy of the Great War" was held on November 4, 2014 at Indiana University in Bloomington. In addition to the hosts and Michael McRobbie, the president of the University, the participants at the round table were ambassadors of Australia, Austria, and Bulgaria to the United States, Consuls General of France, Great Britain and Belgium, representatives of the embassies of Germany and Italy in Washington, DC, former Indiana Senator Richard Lugar and former Congressman Lee H. Hamilton of Indiana, currently a professor at the University. The representative of the Republic of Serbia at the round table was Acting Consul General Dejan Radulovic. Members of the round table spoke about the participation of their countries in the First World War as well as about the legacy and consequences of the Great War.
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