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MFA Ivan Mrkic in New York attending the ceremony of unveiling the monument to Nikola Tesla
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nikolicTesla, a historic knot tying Serbia and the United States

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic unveiled today, near New York, the statue of Nikola Tesla, with the message that the great scientist is "a historic knot tying the destinies and friendship existing between Serbia and the United States and their two peoples".

The monument erected in front of the laboratory at Shoreham - the only building where Tesla lived and worked that still remains standing - was unveiled on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the scientist's death.

President Nikolic, at a ceremony attended by the representatives of the Diaspora, US officials and admirers of Tesla's work, underscored the importance of the role that the scientist from the village of Smiljane left to the world.
He was born as a Serb, and died as an American, reminded Nikolic adding that Tesla was a citizen of the world, too.

Talking about the legacy left to mankind by the great scientist, Nikolic said that Tesla left to the world "a new philosophy of living, a new concept of human capabilities and a new evolution of the society".

"He is a sociological phenomenon outside and beyond his time and the present, a man who could have, but never did turn to material values and wealth, who was motivated to work for the benefit of others and had the courage to cope with misunderstandings, because of his love of people", Nikolic said. The Serbian President stressed that Tesla's ideas were larger than his time, larger than the science created and applied before him. "He was the man of the future. For this reason, he is not and should not be spoken of other than as our contemporary, who will also continue to be the contemporary of the generations succeeding us", Nikolic said.

According to him, Tesla never forgot his identity, where he came from, which nation he belonged to or his heritage.
"He never renounced his Serbian roots, the wood Orthodox cross on his father's chest or the epic ballads that his mother taught him. He will neither forget the support and the doors wide open to him in the United States, without whose understanding of progress his visionary ideas would never have been translated into reality", concluded the Serbian President.

He also said that mankind owed to the great inventor - the creation of the world of equality - creation of Tesla illuminated world. The ceremony was attended by his wife Dragica Nikolic, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivan Mrkic, Adviser to the Serbian President Oliver Antic, Congressman Timothy Bishop, Ambassador of Serbia to the United States Vladimir Petrovic, Office for Cooperation with the Diaspora Head Slavka Draskovic, Serbian Orthodox Bishop of Eastern America Mitrofan and Serbian Orthodox Bishop of Canada George.

During the ceremony, the anthems of the two countries were played, and the famous Serbian violinist Stefan Milenkovic performed Tesla's favorite composition Ave Maria.
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Nikolic unveils the monument to Tesla 

Nikolic on the importance of Tesla

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Congressman from New York, Timothy Bishop, thanked President Nikolic and First Lady Dragica Nikolic for gracing the event with their presence

Matthew Inman

The famous Serbian violinist Stefan Milenkovic, after having performed the composition Ave Maria which Tesla liked: There is no name or idea on this planet that can unite the whole world as Tesla can

The event was closed by the performance of pianist Marina Arsenijevic

New York: Monument in front of the laboratory at Shoreham - the only building where Tesla lived and worked that still remains standing

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