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Foreign Minister Ivan Mrkic on an official visit to Finland
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Minister Mrkic visits Finland_1Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivan Mrkic had talks today in Helsinki with head of Finnish diplomacy Erkki Tuomioja concerning the Brussels agreement and Belgrade's expectations in that regard, bilateral relations and deepening of economic cooperation.

After the meeting with his Finnish colleague, Minister Mrkic stated:
"The reaction of Finland is exceedingly positive. They consider that Serbian leadership has taken a number of steps that have been met, as Tuomioja told us, with the admiration of the overwhelming majority of Europeans, that they are being judged and that everything that we intend to do in the future will have their ever more vigorous support".

Minister Mrkic said that his talks with Tuomioja included discussions on all issues in the area of bilateral relations, but that the first and foremost reason for their meeting was his wish to extensively inform his Finnish colleague on Belgrade's views of the substance, importance and modalities of implementation of the Brussels agreement. "Our Finnish friends demonstrated a particular interest in this matter and we presented to them the situation as it is, as well as our expectations from them in this regard", added the Serbian head of diplomacy.

Minister Mrkic also underlined that Finland was a friendly country to Serbia and recalled that the diplomatic relations between the two countries were established back in 1928. "Over the past ten years or so Finland has always been on our side in terms of Serbia's foreign policy orientation and its goals. Finland was always their to help, support and to make a statement in public in our interest", emphasized Mrkic.

Mrkic and Tuomioja also discussed deepening of the economic cooperation between the two countries.
"Finland is already present in Serbia with a number investments. They will now put in an even more zealous effort into such possibilities", underlined the Foreign Minister, adding that the volume of trade was less than 100 million euro, but the aim was to increase it.

It is essential also that Finland made offers to Serbia on the basis of projects approved by Brussels and funded by the EU, intended for countries like Serbia.